City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race!
City Set GO!'s Benefiting Charities
CITY...SET...GO! is proud to donate a portion of all race registration fees to local charities. We love these organizations and applaud the awesome work they are doing for San Diego's community! We are so lucky to have our benefiting charities running CITY...SET...GO! with us! Check 'em out!
Rob Benzon Foundation - San Diego,CA   Mama's Kitchen - San Diego, CA
The Rob Benzon Foundation believes that individuals who are not normally philanthropic can donate small amounts of money which when aggregated can be used to make a difference. In other words, ordinary people can create miracles!
Mama's Kitchen is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that prepares and delivers food to people affected by AIDS or cancer. Recently, Mama's Kitchen delivered its five-millionth meal!
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