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Ask people what they think “team-building” means, and you’ll get a lot of different answers (and a few people who think, “oh no, not again!”).

Some say it’s about building trust or getting better acquainted.

Others say it’s all about communication, practicing leadership skills, or learning about creative problem solving and group brainstorming.

Team-building is all those things. But the bottom line is that it should always be fun!

That’s why CITY…SET…GO! is a perfect fit for companies and organizations in San Diego looking for something different.

Our corporate team-building races are interactive and dynamic!

They emphasize real world skills that apply to a business environment. We make your event fun, memorable and most importantly— results oriented.

See what we mean by viewing our video: watching our video.

During a CITY…SET…GO! team-building race, your company's employees will be challenged to solve problems, overcome obstacles, carefully use limited resources and rely upon your teammates for expertise and support.

The better the teamwork skills (communication, role definition, encouragement, cooperation and support) the better they will do in the race.

Yes... We can customize your race!

Your race can be customized to begin and end at any location you choose for up to 200 persons.

The race will take the teams to nearby landmark locations where they work together to make travel and logistics decisions, accomplish physical tasks and solve cryptic clues.

At the finish line, teams wrap up the day’s events, re-emphasizing what they have learned about each other and themselves. This “after race discussion” is lead by our licensed professional counselor.

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City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race! Urban race, city race


City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race! Urban race, city race


City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race! Urban race, city race


City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race! Urban race, city race




For your convenience, we have provided you with this convenient request form to let us know about you and your company. Please take the time to fill out the form, and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

After you race with us, you’ll see that CITY…SET…GO! really is a race, a city adventure, and a team-building blast!


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