City Set GO! San Diego's Amazingly Fun Race!
City Set GO!'s Frequently Asked Questions


What is CITY…SET…GO!?
CITY...SET...GO! offers people all the fun and excitement of TV's “The Amazing Race” wrapped into a competitive one-day adventure around the city of San Diego—complete with cryptic clues, creative challenges, and prizes! We do all the work—you just show up with friends and enjoy the friendly competition as you race around the city for a day you will not soon forget.


How many people make up a team?
Currently, teams are comprised of two people. We do have plans for running a 4-person team race, but more on that later...


Can we take taxis or hitch a ride?
Sorry! No private transportation, no taxis, no pedicabs, no elephant rides. Just public transportation and your own two feet to get you around. Don't worry, we will explain all the rules prior to the race.


What if I am not in very good shape?
CITY...SET...GO! is a race, but it's not a marathon! Seriously though, you can take the race at your own speed. Most of the physical parts of the event are just traveling between GO!STOPS. Some teams choose to run, others walk, and some plan their route strategically in order to use as much public transportation as possible. There are also "equalizers" built into the race
so if you're not a big runner, you will have a chance to even the playing field. That said, you should be in good enough shape to walk around the block a few times!


What do we do if the weather is not good?
We all know it never rains in Southern California... But even though the weather may be less than ideal, we run our CITY...SET...GO! race anyway! The elements are part of the experience and part of the event. So please dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather and for running around. A pancho just might be your best friend! Also, wear shoes that are comfortable to run or jog in. Flip flops and high heels are not recommended!


What is a GO!SET?
Each CITY...SET...GO! event is comprised of a series of challenges that are referred to a “GO!SETs”. GO!SETs are designed to challenge teams through a variety of mental, physical, wacky and otherwise adventurous activities.

What is a GO!POINT?
Each CITY...SET...GO! event takes place in a city, but the race may take you to 2-5 geographic areas or neighborhoods within that city. These are called "GO!POINT"s. At each GO!POINT, your team will be expected to complete a GO!SET.

What is a GO!STOP?
A GO!STOP is where your team will find CITY… SET… GO! staff members who will check your team in once you've arrived at a location. After your team completes all your tasks from a GO!SET, you will be instructed to locate your next GO!STOP. Be aware that a GO!STOP for each GO!POINT may not be in the same place.


How do we pick up our shirts, numbers, and other information?
For each event you need to register on-line at least four days in advance and then come to the event 30-60 minutes prior to the start to complete registration and pick up your t-shirt and information. We will let everyone know prior to the event the location and pick up times.


Will I experience long lines on the day of CITY…SET…GO!?
It is possible to be faced with lineups in every day urban life and it is no different in this event. With unknown numbers of teams hitting the city at once, lineups are inevitable. Plan your route carefully and remember … you always have the option to move on to the next task. Our staff will monitor and do our best to try and alleviate lines when possible.


What should we wear?
Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. We suggest you wear something comfortable and put on your running/tennis shoes...or as they call them in England, your trainers. High heels and flip-flops? Not so much. We will give you your very own CITY…SET…GO! shirt and race number(s) which we want you to wear at all times throughout the day.


How well do I need to know the city?
It's a benefit, but it's also expected that you'll learn on the fly. A smart team with good map-reading skills and a working knowledge of the transit system will certainly have an advantage over others. It helps if you've done some traveling and learned to navigate transit schedules and be flexible. But never underestimate cleverness and intelligence!


What should we bring?

You don't want someone else walking away with your race packet.

There are no water stations on the course because there's no set course.

Detailed Map:
A map with a street finder would be handy.

Spare Cash:
For lunch, snacks, all-day transit pass (can be purchased before the race) and stuff … Definitely have change for a twenty dollar bill and some loose quarters handy.

Paper and something to write with:
In case you need to write something down along the way.

Energy Bars:
In case you get hungry on the course. You never know what kind of food we are going to provide, or not!

Gym Towel:
Depending on what your team's strategy is and what Mother Nature has planned on race day, a small towel might come in handy.

Cell Phone:
This could be a useful tool for so many reasons … bring one if you can!

Transit Book/Schedule:
Good to know how to get from point A to point B in the fastest time.

Digital Camera:
With memory for at least 100 pictures, cable cords/connections to download photos to a computer.

Alliances... Can teams work together during the event?

You've been watching a lot of reality TV, haven't you? Well, using the aid of other teams or complete strangers throughout the course is actually encouraged. Some tasks may actually require you to work with the assistance of others in order to complete a challenge. You will have to decide for yourself if you trust the information a competing team gives you...


What if I need to change partners?
You can change your partners, but we need to know ahead of time and make sure that both people have signed a waiver form. Just shoot us an email to let us know, or notify us when you show up to register.


Can the registration fee be refunded?
Sorry, there are no refunds.


How long does CITY...SET...GO! last?
The event will last any where between a couple of hours to about four hours, depending on how your run your race. The day is wrapped up with a post-party event where teams can share their strategies and war stories.


What's to stop people from using a prohibited form of transportation?
Don't worry … we will know! Our extensive surveillance techniques and the other participants, and the thousands and thousands of passers-by who may want to turn you in.


Is there a preset course that the participants need to follow with CITY...SET...GO!?
Yes...and no! The race is set up for you to go to the GO!STOPs in a particular order, but within that area you may complete the GO!SET in any order you choose. Teams are free to chart their own course between tasks throughout the event. In fact, in order to miss delays at busy areas, some teams strategize about the order they want to complete the tasks.


Can I use roller blades or other wheeled transportation devices?
No. Teams may only travel by foot or on public transit – any exceptions will be clearly outlined prior to the event.


How do I win a CITY...SET...GO! race?
The first team to get to the finish line with a valid "GO!CARD" containing all required GO!STOP punches is the winner. To be considered finished, a team must get to the finish line together.


Do we have to eat any gross food?
Currently, we have no tasks which require eating any food gross or otherwise. Ick.


Can I register without a partner?
Yes, you can! But the entire team entry fee is due at the time of registration. You may change your teammate up until the day before the event but you must ensure that the correct information is recorded when reporting at the pre-race check-in.


How much does it cost?
The registration for the standard CITY...SET...GO! race events is $39 per person. Included in the price is San Diego's amazingly fun race, a CITY...SET...GO! t-shirt, and complimentary refreshments during the after party. A portion of your registration goes to help a local charity. Corporate team-building races and other customized events vary in price. Please contact us at for special event pricing.


Do I have to sign a waiver and release to participate in CITY...SET...GO!?
Yes. Our stick-in-the-mud lawyers have drawn up a nice two page list of standard waiver stuff. Click here to view/download.


How many teams will compete in each CITY...SET...GO!?
The field is likely to be between 25 and 50 teams.


How old do I have to be to participate in CITY...SET...GO!?
All participants must be at least 18 year of age at the time of the event.


What do I get with my registration?
A CITY...SET...GO t-shirt and race number (to be worn as the outer layer at all times from registration until the finish line), clues and access to great challenges, complimentary food and/or drinks at the CITY...SET...GO! after-party, and memorable experiences that will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally.


Whew! You've read this far? Now, race on over to the registration page and SIGN UP!


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